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Responsibilities of Training Field Coordinator (TFC) and Training Field Monitor (TFM)
Trainer/Facilitator Evaluation Checklist
Completing this course successfully the TFC and the TFMs will be competent enough to manage each of the training events and they will be capable to produce necessary report(s) as per project demand.
Grade C Training Event Management Course
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Trainer/ Resource Person Attendance Register 

Activity Name: Training of Grade C Pharmacy Technicians by Better Health in Bangladesh (BHB)-TA to 4th HPNSP Project Start Date: 21 Aug 2021  
Activity Location: ZOOM Virtual Platform (Online) End Date: 02 Sep 2021  
Date: 21 August 2021 No. of day(s): 12 Days  
Sl.No. Name of Participant Sex Organization Designation Phone # Bkash # Email Signature
Technical Staff Name:    
Event Staff Name:    
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