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Responsibilities of Training Field Coordinator (TFC) and Training Field Monitor (TFM)
Trainer/Facilitator Evaluation Checklist
Completing this course successfully the TFC and the TFMs will be competent enough to manage each of the training events and they will be capable to produce necessary report(s) as per project demand.
Grade C Training Event Management Course
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Responsibilities of Training Field Coordinator (TFC)

A. Participation in training

  • Participate in training to be held in BHB Dhaka office provided by BHB on managing/ arranging the training event in close collaboration with the hired Training Management Firm (TMF)
  • Hands on training on daily, weekly, monthly and final reporting system to training coordinator/supervisor of BHB

B. Liaison and coordination

  • Maintain liaison with Hired Training Management Firm (TMF), Local BCDS, Local DGDA, Local DGHS and BHB’s Training Field Monitors (TFM) of 32 districts to collect daily update and report of training
  • Coordinate team members to ensure quality training managed by Training Management Firm

C. Monitoring and Supervision TFM as well as Daily Training Status

  1. Communication with TFC of each of the 32 districts daily for smooth operation of training in close coordination with TMF
  2. Continuous communication with assigned district & Central Level TFM personnel for daily update and reporting
  3. Ensure proper arrangement of training venue for each day training, multimedia projector and computer in the training venue, all logistics & supplier, training materials and training schedule and ensure quality refreshment (morning snacks, lunch and evening snacks) for the trainees in close collaboration with TFM and TMF
  4. Guide TFM to ensure branding compliance of BHB and FCDO (Donor) as suggested by BHB Dhaka office.
  5. Guide TFM and TMF to organize the training events as suggested by BHB
  6. Guide TFM & TMF personnel to arrange and manage all the logistics and seek supervisor’s guidance if s/he faces any difficulty
  7. Guide TFM & TMF to report batch wise financial implication of the training (distribute travel allowance to trainees, and honorarium for trainers) and collect record (Both Hard & Soft version) of all transaction in collaboration with the TMF
  8. Guide TFM & TMF to conduct training evaluation (pre and post-test) of each training program and collect the evaluation report along with evaluation sheet/result sheet to BHB
  9. Guide TFM & TMF to conduct trainer’s evaluation using prescribed format/questionnaire, collect the evaluation form (both Soft & Hard copy) regularly and submit to supervisor in BHB Dhaka office
  10. Ensure distribution of certificate to the trainees at the end of each batch training in close collaboration with PCB, TMF & TFM
  11. Guide TFM and TMF to arrange, manage and ensure availability of below items for the trainees:
  • Food & Beverages for trainees present in the training event
  • Stationaries or Logistics for trainees
  • Training venue including projector and computer
  • Resource persons Fee or Remuneration
  • Transport bill for trainees
  • Trainee’s Manual or Book including COVID-19 training modules
  • Banner for training event
  • Distribute certificate (confirming signature by competent authority/PCB) to the trainees at the end of each batch training
  • Bag for trainees
  • COVID-19 IPC Logistics to trainees/participants

D. Reporting

Submit daily/weekly/monthly and closing report (Both Soft & Hard copies) to supervisor in Dhaka Office

E. Management

  1. Manage project resources in an effective and organized manner
  2. Take responsibility for project equipment that you may be entrusted with
  3. Follow confidentiality and security procedures to ensure others’ privacy