Course Content
Responsibilities of Training Field Coordinator (TFC) and Training Field Monitor (TFM)
Trainer/Facilitator Evaluation Checklist
Completing this course successfully the TFC and the TFMs will be competent enough to manage each of the training events and they will be capable to produce necessary report(s) as per project demand.
Grade C Training Event Management Course
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Overall Purpose, Specific Objective and Major Deliverables of BHB Project

During the current extension phase (From January 2021 to December 2022) Better Health in Bangladesh (BHB) project has below purpose, objective and deliverables: 

Overall Purpose

The overall purpose of the BHB Programme is to help the MOHFW deliver its objectives in governance, health systems, and health, nutrition, and population services, with a focus on GPP. It is expected that this will support planned interventions based on priority TA needs identified by HPNSP line directors.

Specific Objective

  1. Provide TA to targeted medicine shops to improve GPP
  2. Strengthen regulatory capacity of key stakeholders (i.e., DGDA and PCB) to improve GPP in Bangladesh
  3. Make available high-quality TA in response to the TAC’s decisions to facilitate timely achievement of the 4th HPNSP objectives

Major Deliverables

  • Pre-assess 10,000 licensed medicine outlets and upload information onto the DGDA website
  • Train at least 6,000 qualified medicine dispensers on GPP and COVID-19 related issues
  • Provide technical support to 6,000 retail medicine outlets to upgrade their outlet to become MP or MMS
  • Facilitate accreditation of 6,000 retail medicine outlets and achieve accreditation for at least 4,000 of them
  • Make approximately 50 key policy makers/ programmers aware of GPP