Course Content
Responsibilities of Training Field Coordinator (TFC) and Training Field Monitor (TFM)
Trainer/Facilitator Evaluation Checklist
Completing this course successfully the TFC and the TFMs will be competent enough to manage each of the training events and they will be capable to produce necessary report(s) as per project demand.
Grade C Training Event Management Course
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BHB Project Achievements so Far

To improve GPP in Bangladesh, BHB, since its inception, has been working with DGDA, PCB, BCDS, and other key stakeholders. From 12 March 2018 BHB project has accomplished below activities:

  • Supported pre-assessment of 8,935 medicine outlets
  • Trained 5,371 pharmacists (5,059 C grade and 312 A grade) on the establishment and operations of Model Pharmacies and Model Medicine Shops in Bangladesh.
  • As of 30 December 2020, 4,060 medicine outlets had been post-assessed
  • Out of the total post assessed shops 3136 medicine outlets are joint visited combined by DGDA district officials and BHB accreditation associate.
  • Among all the joint visited outlets, 2,193 medicine outlets had been recommended to the DGDA for accreditation.
  • In addition, BHB has managed 24 TA activities approved by the national Technical Assistance Committee (TAC) of the MOHFW under the current financing agreement.